I love to make things with my hands . . . quilts, dinner, just about everything.

I have found a love affair working with clay and metal.
Something about these two elements, the fires they both need.
The way they are both entirely malleable, nearly liquid, but then hard as nails.
I find so much excitement and beauty working with these materials.

These crafts inform each other, one is reductive- carving away from a ball of wax to create a piece. The other constructive- forming something from the lump of clay, building up.
Creating beauty working with something primal that was dug out of the ground just amazes me.

I studied fine art at Bard College.
I love to teach ceramics in Brooklyn and in Manhattan where I was born and raised.
I live in Red Hook, Brooklyn and I make things.

I am so grateful to love what I do.

- Jessie Lazar